The Independence Debate: Kids Vs Parents

I’m pretty sure it’s every parents worst nightmare to hear the words “Can I play out with my friends?” from their pre-teen child… I mean, so many thoughts rush through your head: Do they know how to cross the road safely? Would they talk to a stranger? Would they be lured into someone’s house by […]

Say Cheeeeese! Smile Enhance Cosmetic Tooth Colour Enhancement Range

If you’re anything like me you’ll have a slight addiction to scrubbing your teeth to get them pearly white, squeaky clean and Hollywood worthy… or at least as close to that as your regular toothpaste will allow! I’m lucky enough to have got my hands on a selection of Smile Enhance’s cosmetic tooth colour enhancement […]

It’s all about… Rose Gold!

For the past few months I have been absolutely OBSESSED with Rose Gold! It’s so gorgeous and shiny and warm looking… how could anyone resist? I’m even considering redecorating my house to include rose gold! My news feed on Facebook and profile on Instagram have been swamped with pictures of various rose gold collages, and […]