To The Woman Who Loved Unnecessarily

Sometimes in life you come across a love so strong, so pure, and given so unnecessarily that you can’t help but be eternally grateful…

You see, my Grandma is not my Grandma.

My Mum’s Mother and my Dad’s Mother both died before I was born, so when I burst into the world they turned to my Mum’s Mother’s best friend who was also my Mum’s God Mother. They asked her if she would do them the honour of being my Grandmother, so that I would have one.

At first she was hesitant, she didn’t want to take the place of her best friend but soon came to realise that if she didn’t, no one would…

She loved me unnecessarily, she didn’t need to, she could have said ‘no’ and walked away. She could have thrown the towel in when I was a tantrum throwing toddler or when I was an unruly teenager but she didn’t. She stuck by me. She loved me regardless and for that I am eternally grateful.

So Grandma, this letter is to you…

To The Woman Who Loved Unnecessarily,

I know you won’t believe me. Your modesty won’t allow it. Hence my writing this letter, my written words may remind you daily of what my spoken words may not.

Your impact on my life is greater than you will ever realise. I think about you daily and use your ‘no nonsense’ attitude and approach whenever I can. I remember all the things you told me.

You’re the first person I call when I get myself into a frenzy. I know that you will sort me out.

You may not think of yourself as my Grandmother now that I’m grown, but I think of you as more of a Grandmother than anyone has ever had.

How lucky am I to have someone who CHOSE to love me? You didn’t have to, you weren’t forced to or bonded by blood. You made a decision to be part of my life and stuck by me through thick and thin when you could quite easily have given up and walked away.

You truly are the most incredible women I have ever known and I am so lucky to call you my Grandma.

The tears are rolling down my face as I type away and I’m laughing at the same time as I hear you in my head telling me ‘not to be so silly’.

You inspire me. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met. Your outlook on life is phenomenal, just like you.

This letter is my heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you for everything you have done for me my whole life. I couldn’t have asked for more. You gave me your love unnecessarily and that was the biggest honour I’ve ever received.

I love you, more than you believe, always have and always will.

All my love,

Annalise xxx

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