Sweet Dreams for Mummy and Baby… Finally!

After bringing our first 3 babies home we battled through the seemingly endless sleepless nights of rocking tiny little people back and forth, cuddling teeny bundles until our eyes refused to stay open any longer and sometimes until we could do nothing else but cry tears of sheer exhaustion.

So when we brought baby number 4 home I was perfectly prepared for those tiring nights… or so I thought!

We had the beautiful Moses basket set up in the corner with a rocking stand ready to gently lull our perfect little baby back to sleep… ha!

At first she loved her sleep and would happily doze back off after each night feed, however, 1 week in and all that changed. I should have known things were going far too easily…

Thank goodness Jane came to the rescue with their fabulous, brand new, Babyside Crib!

Jane_babyside_cribJane_babysideThe Babyside Crib allows us to have our baby next to us all night long in a co-sleeping style without the worries that commonly come with standard co-sleeping in a bed.

The crib can be lowered or raised to be the correct height for your bed with 6 different heights for added safety and can also have the mesh panel side zipped up or folded down for extra access. Not only that but you can lower one end of the Babyside Crib to help ease reflux and congestion – something I haven’t come across before and I’m very impressed with!

My little lady loves to rest her hand at the side so that I can stroke her during the night. It’s a fabulous way to bond!

Unlike other similar cribs on the market the Jane Babyside Crib comes complete with a 4 piece bedding set and has improved features to make it the best choice for you and your baby.

Overall, I can’t recommend the Jane Babyside Crib enough. As a breast feeding Mummy myself the Babyside crib has not only given me peace of mind that my baby is close by and easily accessible but has also given me my sleep back! Having my baby next to me has calmed her and night time and helped her to settle far faster than when she was several metres away in a Moses basket.

The Babyside’s special features include:

  • Sleep close to your baby without having to share the same bed.
  • Suitable from birth to 9 kg approx. 6 months.
  • 4 piece bedding set included, 100% cotton (Pillow with pillow case, duvet, duvet cover and fitted sheet). All removable and washable.
  • Mattress included.
  • 6 different heights and it can also be used inclined to help with baby’s congestion and reflux.
  • Easy to manoeuvre using the 4 swivel wheels fitted with brakes.
  • Simple and safe fastening system for attaching to parent�s bed.
  • Fits all types of beds easily, even divans as the Jan�’s Babyside feet retract to allow the crib to move up close to the frame and mattress.
  • Net window for air circulation.
  • Easy transported as it folds up in seconds.
  • As your baby grows it can be used as a standalone crib.
  • Bed size: 50 x 82.5 cm
  • Unfolded: L 67 x W 92 x H 68-79 cm
  • Folded: L 68 x W 94 x H 17 cm
  • Weight: 9kg

And with all that for just £199 it’s definitely my first choice!

Buy yours here: http://www.johnstonprams.co.uk/dynamic/viewitem.php?item=6800X-S58



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