The Story of the Dolls House


I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and now life my life knowing that what I think about and focus on will manifest in some form or another, sometimes it takes hard work too and sometimes it simply happens… just because.

In the early days after first learning about the magic of this world I did struggle to always hold my faith (especially when things didn’t seem to be going to plan!) but the story I’m about to tell you is when I realised that no matter what you believe in, you hold the power to improve your life, up level and manifest the things you want!

When we first moved back from our adventures in Greece we had nothing… and I mean nothing, no furniture, no house (we temporarily lived with my Dad in a tiny 2 bed), no savings, all we did have was each other, our 2 girls, our laptops and 2 online jobs that we were passionate about. They didn’t pay a lot but we were dedicated to them and knew that they had the potential to grow into larger earners.

So when that first Christmas back home rolled around we’d manage to save up a little, enough to have a nice Christmas and treat the girls. One thing we had always wanted to buy for them was a beautiful doll’s house. We talked about so many times as up until now then it had never been a financial option for us, so when I saw one on offer I snapped it up and waited for it to arrive.


We wrapped it up with pretty paper and ribbons and were so excited to see their faces once it was opened on Christmas morning!

Of course, they LOVED it! We built it and set up the little pieces of furniture inside and left to play away happily. While we watched and looked at the house we both said that it would be lovely to own a home that looked like that one day… some day in the future maybe. Every time we looked at the doll’s house we thought the same thought and always had ‘buy our own home’ on our manifestation lists.

Well, it wasn’t until about 18 months ago that we finally bought our very own home… and only recently that I realised that the outside of our house and the appearance is identical, and I mean spot on identical, to the dolls house! The front door in the middle, 2 large windows either side, 3 windows spaced out in a row on the first floor and 2 triangular shaped windows that stick out from the roof on the top!

Well played, Universe, well played…

Happy Manifesting, I promise, it works! :)

With love, always,

Annalise x

Amazing? Yes! Shocking? No, just The Law of Attraction at work.

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