My Top Tips on How To Get Published In The Huffington Post

When I first started blogging I  thought I’d never get published on The Huffington Post. It felt like only really successful bloggers got the chance. I had my heart set on it though and as a typical Aries girl I wasn’t giving up until I got my way 😉

I toyed with the idea of submitting several of my early blogs to the Huff Post but decided each time that they weren’t ‘good enough’ and the thought of having a post rejected made me think it would all be over… just like that.

Well… I was incredibly wrong!

No matter how many posts you send in that get rejected or ignored will NOT affect them publishing a post from you that they like… even if it’s 100-1 :) So never give up! Ever!

Eventually I did brave the ‘send button’ and hit it on a post that I was really proud of… and guess what… Arianna Huffington herself loved my post as much as me and invited me to be a Huff Post Blogger!

If it can happen to me, it can definitely happen to you!


To help you on your way to becoming a bonafide Huffington Post blogger here are my 5 Steps to Success:

5 Steps to Success:


Write an INCREDIBLE post! Don’t hold back any of your talent and really go for it. Write from the heart. Try not to sound like you’re purposely trying to get published and make sure your article is easy to follow and flows nicely from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.

Or if you’re a bit nervy still about writing something specifically for The Huffington Post go through some of your posts on your blog (or where ever you write) and submit a post that you really love and believe in… that’s what I did originally 😉 It could be a diary entry, an experience, a rant, a poem or a comedic blog… anything… if they like it they like it!

Luckily, Huff Po don’t mind if your work is published else where as long  as it’s entirely your own work!

Tip: Although none of my posts have been in this style I have heard that ‘list’ style posts generally do really well 😉


Next you’ll need to decide which section you want to write for or be published in, here are the categories… don’t get intimidated, just pick which ever feels most suited to your voice:



Have a quick read through the section you’ve chosen and see if your topic has been written about before.

Don’t worry if it has, just tweak yours to include whatever you feel is missing or incorrect on the already published post! Plus you could include in your pitch that as the topic was popular once before the readers would respond well to it again :)

If your topic hasn’t been mentioned before, then YAY and, you can write in your email pitch how the Huff Post readers would love this topic and your information as it hasn’t been covered before.

It’s also a fantastic way to show Arianna and the editors that you’ve done your research and are serious about being published. It tells them that you’re not just a one hit wonder trying to self promote…

Of course subtle self promoting is fine, however, save it for your next Huff Post publication not the first bash!


Here’s the biggest and scariest bit… The Pitch!

I know of 3 ways you can submit to The Huffington Post:

1. You can send Arianna a direct email at:

2. You can fill up their official post submission form if you’re in the US:

3. Or if you’re in the UK you can email the editors at:

I sent an email directly to Arianna, so I’d advise you to go that route. However, many of those who used the other methods have been published too, so the choice is yours lovelies!


And finally…. Just wait patiently (as patiently as you can, I know it’s tough, I’ve been there).

If you haven’t heard anything within a week or 2, then send a quick follow-up message to Arianna. She usually replies quickly :)

If you still don’t get a reply or the HuffPost team send you a very polite rejection email, simply go back to Step 1. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer it just means that wasn’t the right post :) Pick another and repeat, but whatever you do… DO NOT GIVE UP!

It will all be worth it in the end :)

And remember, like I said, keeping writing and keep pitching and submitting until 1 sticks… they aren’t going to black list you just because your first pitches weren’t ‘The One’.

What are you waiting for? Go, Go, Go…

If you found this helpful please share it with your following and writer friends…

Got questions? Type in a comment below or get in touch on my social media accounts and I’ll help you out the best way I can!

Love Always,


5 thoughts on “My Top Tips on How To Get Published In The Huffington Post

  1. Hello Annalise! Thank you for this post! It i incredibly helpful. My only issue is that I’m not sure how to go about writing a pitch (to anyone). Can you give me an idea of what to include or how to structure it? I am always afraid of coming across as an amateur ( which I am, but no one else needs to know that) who is super informal. Thanks so much, in advance!

    • Hi Heather! Great question, I’ll write a post tonight for you on how to structure a pitch :) It’s a lot easier than it sounds, it’s just the ‘scare factor’ that gets in the way and holds us back xx

  2. Hi Annalise,

    I am also contributor to Huff Post, US edition. I have a question. How do you attach Social Media display picture to the post?
    As I follow the blog instruction manual where first have to put key words, then search from their stock, then select any image, click on preview in the same window and then save. Is it the right process or is there any other procedure for the same? Appreciate if you can respond the same quickly as I always follow the same mentioned process but I never see social media image when my earlier posts gets published.
    Thanks a ton in an advance!

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