The Day I Broke…

I’ve decided to write this post, but if I’m honest, I’m not even sure I’m going to publish it… I just need to get it out. This is what depression does. It breaks you. It’s a funny thing. You can be absolutely fine for weeks, months even, laughing, smiling, chatting, thinking that everything is great… […]

Sweet Dreams for Mummy and Baby… Finally!

After bringing our first 3 babies home we battled through the seemingly endless sleepless nights of rocking tiny little people back and forth, cuddling teeny bundles until our eyes refused to stay open any longer and sometimes until we could do nothing else but cry tears of sheer exhaustion. So when we brought baby number […]

The Independence Debate: Kids Vs Parents

I’m pretty sure it’s every parents worst nightmare to hear the words “Can I play out with my friends?” from their pre-teen child… I mean, so many thoughts rush through your head: Do they know how to cross the road safely? Would they talk to a stranger? Would they be lured into someone’s house by […]

How to Write a Kick Ass Pitch to The Huffington Post

So, you’ve now written or chosen a post that you love and feel really confident about, you’ve checked which category it fits into, you’ve done your research as to whether the subject has been covered before and you’re ready to hit send… But how? How do you address that oh so important email to Arianna […]

My Top Tips on How To Get Published In The Huffington Post

When I first started blogging I  thought I’d never get published on The Huffington Post. It felt like only really successful bloggers got the chance. I had my heart set on it though and as a typical Aries girl I wasn’t giving up until I got my way 😉 I toyed with the idea of […]

Terrorism and a Tender Heart…

This is a subject far from my normal genre of writing, but sadly it’s one I feel needs to be addressed. Unless you have literally been living under a rock you will have heard about the terrorist attacks that happened recently in Paris. I’m not even going to try and write about ‘getting my head […]

How to REALLY Make Money on Instagram… Interested?

No this is not a joke. No you don’t have to sign up to some random company and click links. And no I do not make thousands of ££s a day, but… Yes, I make money on Instagram. Do I make money from every single one of my Instagram posts? Absolutely not… I wouldn’t to, […]