Annalise Green

Hi, I’m Annalise Green, I’m an internationally successful Happiness and Success Coach, Best Selling Author, Blogger, Vlogger, Mummy of 3 beautiful children and all round happy person!

I became a Happiness and Success Coach in 2014 after I found my calling…

Here’s my story:

Deep breath, here goes…

In February, 2014, I got a call from my Dad to say my Mum’s care home had phoned to say she was very ill and not expected to last long. (She’d had MS since she was 18, and been in a care home since I was 10 but I got taken out of her care at age 8 after she hid how bad her illness was getting and hid the fact that I was, in actual fact, a child carer. I cooked, cleaned, looked after her, picked her up when she fell, got her dressed and undressed etc etc, she hid it so well that even my Dad, who still came round frequently after they had broken up the year before, didn’t even know!)

So, my Dad and I drove down to see her, we arrived late at night and stayed for a few hours until the nurses advised us to go and get some sleep and come back in the morning, so we did. We spent most of the day by her side and then had to leave in the evening to get some food…just after we’d finished eating we got a call to say she’d passed away.

I was devastated. Even though she had been ill for so long because she was always there just plodding along it seemed like such a shock that she had actually died. I really struggled with guilt, regret and grief, far worse than I could have ever imagined…

A month after my Mums death I was still grieving and trying to find my happiness again, I mean I was happy that she was finally free from the MS, but it was the guilt and regret I had about my actions that I was struggling with.

It was a beautiful sunny end of March day and I’d just had a lovely day in the city, I’d given the 2 homeless men I’d seen a sandwich each from the bakery and bought a Mum from the school a little pamper package present as she had been crying that morning because her husband and family had forgotten it was her birthday! So, I was feeling good and beginning so see the light again. I got home from picking the girls up from school and told the girls they could play in garden, when there was a knock at the door, I wondered who it was and went to answer it.

Standing in front of me were our 2 lettings agents, (who we had recently been in dispute with after they tried to illegally increase our monthly rent by £100!) they greeted me, handed me an envelope and I kid you not, ran back to their car and drove off. I was totally confused by their actions but shrugged it off and opened the letter…

They were evicting us! With 2 months notice. They had found a loop hole that meant they could kick us out without having any reason and we as tenants had no rights what-so-ever, even though we hadn’t done anything wrong! Twisted, huh?

They had turned up 2 days before Mothers Day and 4 days before my 25th birthday. Great timing… NOT! I was gutted. Needless to say, we didn’t celebrate either that year.

Well, as you can imagine this sent me even further away from my normally happy self!

I spent days crying.

I began to search for houses but none were suitable and we didn’t like any. We liked our house, the one we’d happily lived in for 4 years, the one we’d brought our son home to…

Eventually, it a wonderful act of Karma, the Mum from school who I had bought birthday presents for messaged me and asked if I was still looking for a house… I told her of my struggles and that yes I was. She then confided in me that they were moving and her house was available.

I went to view it the next day, and although it wasn’t ideal and definitely not our ‘style’ it was the best that had come up so far so we took it!

Once we moved in it became apparent that we weren’t happy there. I developed anxiety, panic attacks and depression – a far cry from my normal self.

I was slipping deeper and deeper into unhappiness and knew I had to change things, so I sat myself down and wrote down the things that were CAUSING my anxiety, depression and panic attacks and it all came back to the fact that we were renting and didn’t like the house.

Instantly I knew how to solve all our problems! WE HAD TO BUY!

I started to research mortgages and brokers etc to see if it was possible… it didn’t look hopeful but I made it my mission and wasn’t going to eat or sleep until I made it happen.

I called several brokers and got told ‘No, we can’t help’, ‘Call back in a year’, ‘No, that’s not my area’ the list goes on…

I didn’t let it phase me though, I kept on pushing. I desired a house. I was going to get us a house.

We went to view a house in the mean time and fell in love with it, I knew we had to have it, so even before we knew if we would get a mortgage or not… we put an offer in!


So, I really got my bum in gear and researched the best broker I could find… Once I’d found the one I wanted I gave him a call :)

He was AMAZING! Nothing was too much trouble and he was just as determined to get us the house as we were!

Luckily, thanks to the Universe and it’s plan, I had turned 25 last April. When my Dubby (Grandad) died he had left me an inheritance that I would only receive on turning 25, and then when my Mum died her money went to my Dad who then added it to my inheritance! So we had a whooping great big deposit to put down which got us the mortgage!

And there we go, we moved in in November and have been living happily ever after since…

Now, you see, once all that had happened and we’d unpacked I KNEW that I had to help other women find their happiness and never, ever feel like I had for those few months! I wanted to help them flip the switch on their mindset, just like I had.

Once I was helping women find happiness it became apparent that I had to help them find success just like I had too!

And that’s my story! (Sorry for waffling!) I hope you’ve taken something from it and found inspiration!

Wishing you love and happiness,

Annalise Green, The Happiness Queen